We create Custom, Easy-to-use Business APPs Designed to:

SAVE your Business TIME, CUT OUT wasted Resources and INCREASE your business Profitability

Why are we Different?

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We provide solutions to FIX Inefficiencies in your Business. We will get our experienced Business consultants to discuss your business operations. Take your existing paperwork and convert it into a modern, mobile, paperless cloud based solution. This will allow you the business manager/owner to have a complete overview of your business operations - from any computer, tablet or smartphone at any time. All of this is done in record time with very little time commitment required from your side.

  • Let us show you how easy it is to set up an automated job despatch application.
  • We won`t change your business process we will automate it.
  • If you use carbon copy paper, Excel spread sheets, PODs - or if you get your worksheet signed by the customer upon job completion we can help you automate this process and save money on your operational costs.
  • No more manual going through worksheets and making invoices out of them.
Industries we serve:
  • Engineering
    Engineering and Maintenance
    • Property Maintenance
    • Mobile Engineers
    • Air conditioning Engineers
    • Refrigeration Engineers
    • Electrical / Gas Engineers
    • Lift Engineers
    • Water Servicing
    • Telecoms Engineers
    • Maintenance Engineers
  • Food
    • Bakeries
    • Food Distributors
    • Sandwich Shops
    • Meat
    • Poultry
    • Vegetables
    • Refrigerated food deliveries
    • Cold Store Warehouse
  • Cleanning
    • Cleaning Businesses
    • Window Cleaning
    • Industrial Cleaning
  • Recycle
    Waste & Recycling
    • Waste Recycling
    • Skip Hire
    • Delivery of Waste
    • Waste Transfer Note Automation
  • Transport
    Transport & Haulage
    • Own Account Operators
    • Haulage Business
    • Refrigerated Haulage
  • Building
    • Quarries
    • Cement mixing
    • Sand & Gravel Delivery
  • Health
    • Home Care
    • Community Care Assistants
    • Health Professionals
  • Roadside
    Roadside / Recovery
    • Roadside services
    • Tyre companies
We can automate any business process you might have. Do you :

  • Use any excel spreadsheets in your business?
  • Print anything out and then manually reconcile it?
  • Deliver paperwork back to the office?
  • Use carbon copy paper?
  • Spend long time invoicing your customers?
  • Enter Invoice manually onto your accounts software?

If you do any of the above in your business we can SAVE you MONEY !

Remote device monitoring and remote sensor readings.

Custom line of business monitoring platforms (Static Fuel Tanks, Generators, Environmental controls, Sensors).

Oil & Gas solutions - Fuel Level / Fuel Flow Monitoring. Pipeline Automation solutions.

Low cost custom monitoring solutions development. Custom Monitoring Hardware development and innovative cloud based solutions for remote monitoring and data application and modelling.

We have designed and built custom self-powered (solar) systems to monitor a number of sensors and automate access. Utilizing user identification and assessing input form sensors. Including Weather station data monitoring and Ultrasonic Level Measurement capabilities.

Vehicle Telematics
GPS/GLONASS vehicle location, speed, heading, altitude, vehicle data, harsh breaking/acceleration/driving, incident detection, remote odometer readings

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